[Tides of Time]

14- Secrets

22nd October, 2020 in Chapter 11: Stories and Memories
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14- Secrets

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Author Notes:

22nd October, 2020
This is the first time I've used the mini floating head trick in one of my speech bubbles. This page was an incoherent train wreck of a sketch so I had to change a lot, and I struggled to make it clear who was supposed to be speaking. I kinda like this though.


22nd October, 2020
The compositions and backgrounds are really good on this page
22nd October, 2020
I for one am glad, and I am unanimous in this[0], that Sawbones is a bit of a doll.

[0] get the reference
22nd October, 2020
"I would not guess you to be the best at noticing women, eh?" Hahaha oh man, that made me laugh. A little jab, but a friendly jab. :>
23rd October, 2020
I guess that is also one advantage for them to look forward to a next port town. A couple of days of being who you are. At least at night :D