[Tides of Time]

1- Dancing

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1- Dancing

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Author Notes:

19th September, 2019
Or as close to it as there'll ever be in this comic.


19th September, 2019
More combat training? Nooooo-no-no-no-no, what my precious baby boy needs is a cozy warm place, and all the half-rotten fish he likes, and all the cuddles, and much love, and nothing that ever hurts him again... I'M BEING EMOTIONAL HERE, OKAY???

On another note, I really like the look of this page - both boys' hair, the water, and Nate's determined expression. Seems he's really putting some effort into this.
20th September, 2019
Fighting without his glasses by default, eh? It does look more like sparing than playing around and exchanging blows like last time, haha. If nothing else than a good deal of self-defense is going to help them aboard the ship during these times :>