[Tides of Time]


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Nathaniel Jones

Unlucky fish lover


Age: 19

Profession: Fishmonger

Sebastian Worthington



Age: 18

Profession: Merchant's son


Very unlicensed medic


Age: 30's

Profession: Pirate, doctor


Undead criminal


Age: 700+

Profession: Pirate

Captain James Colton

Terror of the seas


Age: 50's

Profession: Pirate captain

The Quartermaster

Comptetent leader


Age: 30's

Profession: Pirate

Blue Finlay

The worst


Age: 21

Profession: Pirate


Merely adequate cook


Age: 40's

Profession: Pirate, cook


Minor Characters:

Annie Jones


Age: 37

Profession: Fishmonger

Edward Worthington


Age: 50's-60's

Profession: Merchant



Age: Ancient

Profession: N/A

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