[Tides of Time]

5- Mutinous Thoughts

29th March, 2018 in Chapter 5: Ice in the Storm
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5- Mutinous Thoughts
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Author Notes:

29th March, 2018
This guy is from a part of the world where liches are much more common. He's more used to them, and how they tend to be treated...


30th March, 2018
Huh. I thought liches are not common. Good to know then.
I figured people just grew to like or tolerate Baines but if liches have their own communities elsewhere then that is... interesting.

There are probably multiple ways but what is converting so many people then? :O
Although I do not know how many liches correspond to "common".
30th March, 2018
In most places, they're pretty much unheard of, but in others, one country in particular, there are tens of thousands.

That's a very good question. ¬u¬
1st April, 2018
"there are tens of thousands"
Thanks a lot for this info!! Here I thought liches are very very rare.

I assume there is a whole undead city/colony/state then. Probably cursed or drowned or such sailors/people. Hm...
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