[Tides of Time]

22- We'll See

14th June, 2018 in Chapter 5: Ice in the Storm
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22- We'll See
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Author Notes:

14th June, 2018
And that's it, for both this chapter, and this week of updates! Pretty good timing there, I think! The next update will be next Thursday, as usual.


15th June, 2018
Tbh Fin knows what he is talking about since he probably has much more experience with being under pirates than Nathan...
It is good Nathan offers a break from whom the crew usually encounters but he also has it pretty good now. Sebastian is the only real outsider in my opinion.
16th June, 2018
I'd say you're completely right on that- Nate blends in pretty well. He's from the same kind of beginnings as a lot of these people.
28th June, 2018
ugh i really like the way you do hair ;A;
29th June, 2018
Thanks so much! I think it was around this point I worked out how I wanted to do it. 0w0
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