The Sawbones

10th November, 2016 in Part 2: All at Sea
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The Sawbones
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Author Notes:

Jammy 10th November, 2016 edit delete
Goodness knows why Sawbones thought holding that hacksaw right then was a good idea- he hasn't actually had to use it in a long time. He was probably just checking it still works alright, or sorting things out.

Edit: This page has been edited since it was uploaded following some feedback. 0w0


MadJak91 10th November, 2016 edit delete reply
I feel like the doctor is usually the good guy :D
Good thing he is here as well. Maybe a slave?
Jammy 11th November, 2016 edit delete reply
For him good guy is a bit complicated! But definitely by comparison, he does try to be nice. He is a full member of the crew, just not much of a fighter 0w0
Bobblit 10th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Whoah, real beds! This is some quality pirate ship here. The quality of the healthcare, though... xD
Jammy 10th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Yeah fancy! Admittedly there are only beds in the infirmary... After all, falling out of a hammock when injured would not be much fun!

And yeah, it's not amazing! XD
spidar 10th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Ooo, a potential friend for Nathanial! Or is it a potential love-triangle...?
Your characters are always so expressive!
Jammy 11th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Ah yay! It's so awesome to hear that, expressions are definitely one of my favorite parts to do!

Oh, and interesting question! I'm trying not to say too much though. ^w^'
Lilbluebox 11th November, 2016 edit delete reply
I think I love Sawbones. His design is absolutely lovely, and he's just got this great way of speaking. Oddly formal, yet with phrases like 'crazy killer man'. Highly enjoyable!

And that fourth panel where he's just like 'what? oh yes this thing. OH' is absolutely FANTASTIC.

I enjoy panel one too! The blurring really super works there. And Sawbones' awkward grin in panel two made my day, it really did.

Now... I did notice some weird things. For starts, panels two through five confused the heck out of me at first because for whatever reason I completely missed the handsaw. I'll chalk that up to me trying to look at the page between calls at work (...shhhhh, it's out little secret) and not an art thing because I reread it after I saw the thing and it is actually very super obvious. User error, woopsie.

But panel three is... weird. I love your expressions, and you know that, but in this case, it's really hard to tell that Nate's afraid. The scream didn't read like a terror-scream to me - I'm not sure what onomatopoeia you could use instead either. Sorry D: - and the placement of his arms is... odd. Maybe next time instead of having them in front of him, have his arms behind him, like he's leaning on his elbows or hands and trying to scoot away backwards? Posing is just a little weird there.

But I think the expression is what confused me the most in that panel. It's hard to read Nate's expression with his hair in his face like that, so it took me a while to figure out he was really scared and not super tired, because it kind of looks like his eye is half shut all bleary-like instead of wide open and scared spitless.

The hair-in-face in the second to last panel does NOT obscure his expression, however, and that's... basically the entire pose I just described overhead. Good job, self. *facedesk*

But good job to you too, and I mean THAT entirely sincerely, because he DOES genuinely look terrified in that panel. And Sawbones looks genuinely contrite and sheepish in the next one, and it works very, very well. I'd say the last two panels are your best on this page.

...I really hope those beds are nailed to the floor or Sawbones' med... uh... cabin is going to be a mess the first time a storm hits.

Jammy 11th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Ah awesome! As ever, thank you so much for the feedback. I do agree and I think I know what I can do! Hopefully I'll get some edits up tomorrow. These things are good to know for the future, too. Yay learning!

Also I am so glad you like Sawbones! He's a character I've been looking forward too for a while. Fun dialogue to write. :D Oh and er, yeah, let's go with that. Things are definitely secured.
thewotartmonkey 11th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Yeah, I'd probably have that reaction too...

Nice to see Sawbones at last! Good to put a face to the name. And I love the comedic timing on this page, like mate, did you really not think leaning over someone and holding a bone saw was perhaps a bit menacing? I love the idea that he just does that kind of thing without thinking twice about it.
Jammy 11th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Yeah I do have rather a habit of talking about characters who have yet to appear XD and I'm glad to hear that! Heh yep that's definitely the kind of thing he does.
Miaubol 12th November, 2016 edit delete reply
So, no peg leg yet?
Jammy 12th November, 2016 edit delete reply
Well some minor characters do have missing limbs! XD
Memoria Caelestie
he is great at calming people eh!
Jammy 19th July, 2017 edit delete reply
Heheheheh... Sometimes! It's a part of the job XD