Large, blue, shiny thing

1st December, 2016 in Part 2: All at Sea
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Large, blue, shiny thing
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Author Notes:

Jammy 1st December, 2016 edit delete
Haven't had a lot of time to work on this comic lately, but I still can't wait to get to some of the more interesting bits XD It's a shame a lot of stuff I'm looking forward to is so far away... I know a lot of other authors get this feeling too 0w0


Bobblit 1st December, 2016 edit delete reply
"Like the sky, but on the bottom": best definition of the sea ever xD
Jammy 1st December, 2016 edit delete reply
He's got a way with words! XD
PeterVonBrown 1st December, 2016 edit delete reply
This got two chuckles out of me. "Large, blue [...] You know this?" and "Idiot" - I guess I like this character. :) And regarding the anticipation of "getting to" stuff, yes, definitely. You're flowing along nicely, though, which will make whatever you think is exciting even more awesome for the readers. :)
Jammy 1st December, 2016 edit delete reply
Oh thanks so much! I'm so glad X3 And thanks, I hope so!
Lilbluebox 1st December, 2016 edit delete reply
I failed in my reviewing duty. I am ashamed. *banishes self*

So. Let's DO THIS THING! *cracks knuckles*


Actually, it's probably a good thing I completely failed to comment on the last page, seeing how linked it is with this one. The conversation flows very nicely; I do so love Nate's reaction to, well, everything. The pirate 'code' - ah yes, of course, because the only honor that counts is honor among thieves, right?

Right? ._.

Somehow, I don't think this agreement would hold up in a court of law. XD

Every. Single. Expression. On Nate's beautiful face. In that last page. Every one. Nate is the absolute BEST; I adore his dumb, expressive face and the way you draw it so much.

And now... for this page. Sawbones, put down the hacksaw please, you're not helping anything. XD And that description of the ocean! Ah, it reminds me of me~ Exactly the total snarkbutt response I appreciate out of fictional life. :]

Sawbones is rapidly becoming the best character ever. Just so you know.

Lovely expression work, as per always. I shall not gush anymore about it; you hear it every page, it's still true, I covered last page in this review and it's still completely accurate.

Except Sawbones face in that last panel. MR. ANGRY EYES!

On a final note... you've changed the avatar icon for this comic, and the change is exceptionally good. I do so love the new way you drew Nate's tunic; it works so much better than before. Very, very well done. PLus just the overall composition on the new avatar makes me very happy. Less goofy-pirate-adventure-times and more serious, I think. It conveys tone well.
Jammy 2nd December, 2016 edit delete reply
Thank you as ever for your awesome feedback! <3

Heheheh... yeah, it totally would not hold up. Then again, pirates and the law are not the most compatible of things anyway XD and the expressions and reactions, gahhhh it makes me so happy you like them!

And Sawbones, hahaha. I am so, so glad you think that! snark is truly the best of fun to write, I just hope I can keep this up! ^w^'

I'm glad you like the change to the avatar! truth be told i drew it before I knew what the tone was going to be, so now it's chapter 2 I figured it was time for a change. I'm pleased it works!
azureXtwilight 2nd December, 2016 edit delete reply
I would totally agree with running away from the one holding a bloody saw
Jammy 2nd December, 2016 edit delete reply
Indeed, a logical course of action...
MadJak91 2nd December, 2016 edit delete reply
He is going to bump into the captain again, get smacked again and end up in bed again.
Then maybe learn something about discipline :/
Jammy 2nd December, 2016 edit delete reply
Ouch yeah... He hasn't met the captain yet, but getting on his bad side is definitely not recommended!
thewotartmonkey 3rd December, 2016 edit delete reply
Sawbones' description of the sea is reminiscent of this Airplane scene:

Also I just love Sawbones. So hilariously blunt. And I don't think Nate's going to like what he sees if he goes out on deck...
Jammy 4th December, 2016 edit delete reply
I've never seen Airplane before, but I really like this scene XD I'll have to look it up. Thanks for that comparison, it made me chuckle X3

And yay thanks! Yep, that's definitely not going to be fun. ¬u¬'