[Tides of Time]

09- Obsession

11th September, 2021 in Chapter 13: Worse things
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09- Obsession

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Author Notes:

11th September, 2021
Finn's a bit fixated.


11th September, 2021
Finn would have probably more easily impressed Bluebeard.

This pirate captain had military experience and possibly what passes for a classical education in this world.

If Seb becomes a victim of a plot by Finn, and the captain finds out, well...Finn's headed for a world of hurt.
15th September, 2021
If Finn wants to be the #1 assistant to the captain, that's really odd.
Since Capt. Colton is "the terror of the seas", then befriending the captain, would be like being the best friend of (the 1980s' Darth Vader)! Hoo boy. :D
24th September, 2021
To be fair, I'm sure a lot of people would be pretty into the idea of being Darth Vader's friend :'D
4th October, 2021
Hee, hee!
I can see that! :)
But just between you + me- if you meet someone as dangerous as Darth Vader, with or without magic powers, I'm going to run the other away! XD