Uneasy introduction

22nd December, 2016 in Part 2: All at Sea
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Uneasy introduction
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Author Notes:

Jammy 22nd December, 2016 edit delete
This character is basically a bird. (He was named after a chicken I met, actually.)

His personality traits could probably be summed up as a combination of cockerel, peacock, and... seagull. Interesting to write, sometimes.


MadJak91 25th December, 2016 edit delete reply
Of course, Nate is automatically disliked again :/
Or maybe he is making friends in his own way...
Jammy 25th December, 2016 edit delete reply
Hm, yeah, it really could be either. I guess this is just something this guy always does whenever there's someone new around... Just his personality! XD
Respheal 26th December, 2016 edit delete reply
Somewhere on that boat, some guy is gleefully exclaiming "YES I'm not the new guy anymore!"

As a point of critique, the panel flow is a little off. I'm not entirely sure which order the last four panels are supposed to be read because the "Hm" panel is caught between the "fish to water" and "Er...thanks." Although it would cut his legs off, I think the "Er...thanks" panel should have been taller to puts its dialogue before the "Hm."
Jammy 26th December, 2016 edit delete reply
Hahaha yeah, I'm sure you're right!

And thanks for the critique 0w0 Looking at this page again, I can see exactly what you mean. It is a bit of a funny layout, so I'm glad I can bear this in mind for the future. ^u^