23rd February, 2017 in Part 2: All at Sea
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Jammy 23rd February, 2017 edit delete
It's not all bad on this ship! free food! Also it totally did take them all day to check for weevils, they definitely weren't slacking off or playing cards or anything.


Miaubol 23rd February, 2017 edit delete reply
Yummmmm extra protein!
Jammy 24th February, 2017 edit delete reply
Delicious. And healthy! :D
Fabian W. 23rd February, 2017 edit delete reply
Fabian W.
Why did Sawbones need a whole afternoon to confirm the presence of weevils!?
"Hmm, no doubt, his biscuit has weevils. But this could be a statistical outlier, we need a larger sample size. Show me 100 more biscuits!"
Jammy 24th February, 2017 edit delete reply
Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't put that past him. It's a pretty easy way to spend an afternoon. XD
Bobblit 23rd February, 2017 edit delete reply
Sawbones is always so happy. I really like him.

Also, eughhhhh
Jammy 24th February, 2017 edit delete reply
Yay, I'm glad :D He's a blast to write for.

And yep, it's pretty gross... Lucky that Nate isn't fussy!
Lilbluebox 23rd February, 2017 edit delete reply
Protein! Gotta love protein.

I love how enthusiastic and determinedly cheerful and optimistic Sawbones is about weevils in the biscuits (or hardtack, rather - I don't think regular biscuits would have kept well on a ship. Or lasted long, for that matter. XD) and Nate is already beyond the ability to be phased.

Then again, run into an animate skeleton, and nothing else is really going to top that, now is it? XD

Oh, the expressions in this page are so fantastic. Sawbones' cheer, the last panel with Nate's face.... just. Yes. I love his face, have I mentioned this? Multiple times? I do. Good golly gosh it's just so EXPRESSIVE!

The second to last panel, however, is my favorite. I do love a well drawn crowd scene; I also love the perspective. It's just an excellently done panel, and we get to see more pirates, decent furniture (that I hope to god is bolted to the floor) and portholes! Whooo! Nice kitchen, by the way. Really loving the galley overall here. :]

Nice panel layout - seriously, your paneling gives me so many ideas for how to handle it myself later! I love it! - and to top it off, I greatly appreciate Nate's hair in panel four. It just looks so floofy~

Well done!
Jammy 24th February, 2017 edit delete reply
Yeah, even these biscuits aren't doing so good! It's definitely hard to top Baines, and if I'm honest, the food here is probably the most normal thing to him he's encountered so far.

So glad you like the expressions and the kitchen too! I couldn't find many good references for ships' kitchens, so I had to guess most of it. Well, It really helps that this comic is fantasy so I have that excuse if I need it XD But yeah thanks, I was really pleased with how the perspective stuff came out on this page.

And yay thanks! Panelling is something I really enjoy, that's a real compliment. 0w0
MadJak91 25th February, 2017 edit delete reply
Cannot complain. On sea you eat whatever you can find so take it or leave it.
It does look terrible though. I think sailors used to take barrels of apples and then spent weeks eating apples...
Jammy 25th February, 2017 edit delete reply
So true, after all it's definitely better than nothing! And apples, eh? Interesting. Well, sounds like that would help keep scurvy away.