[Tides of Time]

9- Settling In

28th December, 2017 in Chapter 4: On Account
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9- Settling In
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Author Notes:

28th December, 2017

And yes, that is a dumb outdated meme reference. Don't judge me.


28th December, 2017
It's a friggin' ship! What kind of supplies did they expect?? :-D
28th December, 2017
...Limes? XD
29th December, 2017
Ah yeah. Supplies :/
What were the usual meals? Because I cannot imagine anything other than fish, fruit like apples and maybe something a bit special. This ain't no modern luxury liner!
30th December, 2017
A future scene describes the usual fare as 'grey stuff.' :D

What they've got is most likely some mix of whatever would keep. As well as the fish there's stuff like the previously seen weevil-y biscuits, a considerable amount of alcohol, and hopefully something containing vitamin C.
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