[Tides of Time]


17th February, 2018
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Author Notes:

2nd January, 2018

So here's a silly thing I drew a while back to announce that The first arc of this comic is in print! It can be found here. It contains the whole first arc, and some new pictures -w-

That's not the only thing though. I also wanted to say that for one week only, starting Thursday, a page of Beyond is going to be uploaded every day! It's to celebrate this, and I'm also excited to move forward and just wanted to do it. :D Thank you so much for reading this comic. Means a lot. Happy new year!

Note: Cover of the book does not actually look like this.


5th January, 2018
Nate's wet dream is a pleasure cruise like this. All makes sense now. That is why he wants the crew out >:O
6th January, 2018
bwAHAHA! I think all the killing and piracy stuff has something to do with not wanting to be there too XD