[Tides of Time]

14- The Tables Have Turned

16th October, 2021 in Chapter 13: Worse things
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14- The Tables Have Turned

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Author Notes:

16th October, 2021
Nate doesn't like fighting. But that doesn't mean he hasn't learned anything at all.


16th October, 2021
I was dreading this development, but it turned out better than I thought.

First panel caused me to flash on the port o' call scene when Finlay got angry with Antler Man, and trounced him good.

Now I wonder how Finlay is going to react to this situation. Nate just did the noble thing-he stopped fighting after the first knock-down.

Some bullies will leave off a victim once the victim fights back. Other bullies just get angrier and go with the "this isn't over" scenario.

Naturally I'm hoping that Finlay will back off a little bit, once he sees that Nate has no ambitions other than survival.

Perhaps he'll decide to pick on Dog Skull Boy, who might simply enjoy fisticuffs for no reason and without the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.
16th October, 2021
Given how often Finn is eager to pick a fight, statistically this was eventually bound to happen...
17th October, 2021
Hey. They also needed to let off some steam.
No knives. That is a start...