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10- There's Always Cats

18th September, 2021 in Chapter 13: Worse things
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10- There's Always Cats

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Author Notes:

18th September, 2021
Sorry for the late update everyone! Been a little caught up in some things. Fingers crossed, next week I may be ready to make an announcement about my shop. c:


19th September, 2021
A ship's cat makes sense. They take care of the rats and mice. Cats are agile and certainly can deal with the rolling and pitching of a sailing ship.

Now, I wonder if any ships prior to steam attempted to have a dog mascot? Probably not. I can just picture a poor goofy lab trying to maintain his balance on a deck during a storm.
19th September, 2021
Cats do make good sense aboard. I read _A Tangled Tahitian Tale_, by Claire Bell, in the Cat Fantastic III anthology, about a cat with the talent of scrambling any and all cordage around him, wherewith he saved the village which adopted him.

Dogs do very well too; I've met several who've pade trans Pacific passages, and one which circumnavigated.