[Tides of Time]

9- Rational Fears

26th April, 2018 in Chapter 5: Ice in the Storm
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9- Rational Fears

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Author Notes:

26th April, 2018
Skeleton is... not a very polite word to use for a lich, to be honest.

Due to having read up about them, Seb's probably one of the few Sairishmen who didn't immediately freak out upon seeing Baines for the first time.


26th April, 2018
Lich lore: Not always 100% accurate, apparently...

Concerning the author comment: So... does that mean that Nate doing this was like throwing a racial slur at someone upon first meeting that person? Ouch, no wonder Baines doesn't like him!
26th April, 2018
Not much is known about them, even where they can be found...

Yeah, pretty much. He didn't know, but he really hasn't helped to make anything better since. The general implication is lich= concious, skeleton= thing. Of course, terminology doesn't really change how liches are treated in general.
27th April, 2018
He offended him once like this but...

Is skeleton only uh, corpse and a skeleton that is alive is a lich? I guess liches are sensitive to what they are called and I guess I would not call one something like "Hey, corpse!" but skeleton is still just the observable fact!
However, it is their society so if living "skeletons" prefer to be liches because true skeletons are always dead then sure :D
28th April, 2018
Yeah pretty much! Liches certainly look just like regular skeletons, so that's what people tend to assume they're called, if they don't already know about them.

No lich really enjoys being called a skeleton, but Baines is unusually sensitive about it. There are a few different reasons for that.
8th May, 2018
Dang, dude! Your environments have improved so much over the course of this comic! Also the second to last panel there made me laugh. Incapable of hurting people, huh? Yeah, I'd be scared, too... Although I'm surprised Sebastian's so chill about talking, walking skeletons. Even if they ARE weaker than the living. :'D
9th May, 2018
Thanks so much! Doing this comic has helped me learn a lot of stuff I never would have otherwise. I'm really glad things have improved! 0w0

Heheheh. Well I guess he's very good at not reacting to things when he needs to...