[Tides of Time]

17- Space in the Shelf

9th June, 2018 in Chapter 5: Ice in the Storm
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17- Space in the Shelf

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Author Notes:

9th June, 2018
I drew so many bookshelves in this part of the chapter. I liked how this one turned out, though.


10th June, 2018
Hm. Is there something hidden behind the books or is it the map he actually took?
I think hiding stuff behind books is still viable because even with a small home library, who the heck is ever going to inspect it? :D

But anyway. I do think Sebastian is the kind of guy to fool the captain even if he plays along for now and is not completely sincere with him.
Just thinking that for someone who has revenge on his mind, the Captain trusts Sebastian plenty and Sebastian can just say whatever to him.
11th June, 2018
Yeah, that was the map. This isn't the only place on the ship things are hidden, and places like that can be useful! Though this map's probably the most likely thing to be found, if the ship had been searched by the pirates themselves.

Also, I'm very glad you've picked up on that! At the very least, he is getting some very unusual treatment.
4th August, 2018
This page is giving me some serious bookshelf envy.
4th August, 2018
Bookshelves are so good at filling up space on a page, and then... You realise you actually have to draw them XD