[Tides of Time]

21- The System

13th June, 2018 in Chapter 5: Ice in the Storm
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21- The System

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Author Notes:

13th June, 2018
Blue Finlay hasn't been treated very well by the 'system' but he has a rather unfortunate interpretation of what that should mean.

Yes, there is a bit more to him than a huge annoyance.


13th June, 2018
I dunno.
1) Technically the same is going on with the crew. The Captain performs the nobility's part and Fin happens to be the one who has little troubles.
2) Depends on what their mission is. If they find tons of treasure or a better life elsewhere then chances are they will need to start their own community and then what?
14th June, 2018
Yes, haha he really doesn't see it, because he looks up to The Captain so much. Though to be fair to him, his life here is nothing like how things were on land, when he was growing up. The feeling of rebelling is also pretty enticing.

Some of the crewmembers, The Captain and Finn in particular have a very specific grudge against the privellaged Sairish, though there is a chance it could spill out into something bigger, given the chance. If things ended up with them settling elsewhere, I guess it could result in quite an... interesting situation.