[Tides of Time]

10- Right Back at You

30th August, 2018 in Chapter 6: Letters of Marque
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10- Right Back at You

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Author Notes:

30th August, 2018
I'm looking forward to posting the next page. It's the first step to clearing up the backstory.

I'm also fond of this part of the comic, because it's starting to show what this thing is- a gradual reveal of serets and plot points rather than a straight up adventure. But there will be more exciting bits too. For sure.

Not that the reveals won't be exciting too, though ;3


31st August, 2018
Come on. I suppose verbal agreements worked back in those days. Nowadays they work until you leave kindergarten. At least I still believe it is like that...
I jest.
Sebastian does not even have to play a game. He is lucky enough to find a blabbermouth like Sawbones, haha. The Captain had it coming. I do not mind if Seb uses the info ;)

Random question but... How is it between Sawbones and Baines? Obvious reasons :D :D
31st August, 2018
Heh, it's actually not all that bad between them! By that I mean Baines dislikes Sawbones, but he dislikes pretty much everyone. Sawbones is a general kind of job title, there isn't any special rivalry.