[Tides of Time]

21- That's it

15th November, 2018 in Chapter 6: Letters of Marque
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21- That's it

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Author Notes:

15th November, 2018
Nate was named after his grandfather. His dad was asked to name him, and literally couldn't think of anything else, but saw him sitting in the corner of the room, and suggested it. Nathaniel was pretty flattered, though. They really didn't get along at first.


16th November, 2018
What are the chances it happened when Sebastian's town burned down and it is related? :/
Nathan does not remember much of his Dad as you said and I am not sure how long ago the fighting happened but enough time in the past for the Captain to be there which would still be too soon for his Dad? Probably nothing. Mm.
17th November, 2018
Ah, if you're thinking of the purple story page, that wasn't Seb's town. Just kind of a vague location I put in there. As for the fighting... It covered a pretty long period of time. That's probably not helpful XD