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4- Promise

2nd December, 2018 in Arc 2 Interlude
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4- Promise

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Author Notes:

2nd December, 2018
As for if Seb would still say that all those years later... Bit more doubtful.


2nd December, 2018
Luckily, Seb didn't bring his sisters along to the trip he is currently on...
3rd December, 2018
Oh deeeeeefinitely.
5th December, 2018
Welp. What is that trope when older brother promises something to his younger sister as kids and then you see how it usually turns out to be? Yeah.
Maybe, maybe not but I agree with "doubtful".
But those are kid's promises. Sometimes sucks how they are all based on idealism.
btw: No, I do not know what happened but I usually automatically follow that "rule", haha.
6th December, 2018
Yeah, sadly things don't always turn out the way you hope they will... Perspectives change too!