[Tides of Time]

5- Story

3rd December, 2018 in Arc 2 Interlude
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5- Story

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Author Notes:

3rd December, 2018
And we're done! The next page will be chapter 7's cover.


3rd December, 2018
I am beginning to like the attitude of the pink bowtie sister! :-D
4th December, 2018
I'm glad! I thought maybe she'd come out sounding quite bratty, but then again, kids can be bratty.
7th December, 2018
But what if one of them IS interested in the in-depth history of Agmarine economics? Hey, at least it confirms Sebastian's choice of bed time literature. Text books. Why not? :D
Although I understand a lot was about individual study back then, haha. Maybe more than now. Hard to say. Maybe the same.
8th December, 2018
Well if they were, I suppose that would be useful in the future XD He did (and does) read other stuff too though!