[Tides of Time]

2- Unrequested Assistance

20th December, 2018 in Chapter 7: Turning Tides
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2- Unrequested Assistance

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Author Notes:

20th December, 2018
This guy has just had the best idea of the century, 10/10 .


21st December, 2018
Are they planning a mutiny or is this about Sebastian? Good question probably is how many aboard the ship even respect the Captain in the first place...

Or maybe I am just constantly thinking about ways how somebody wants to get rid of the Captain instead of how they want to be helpful with forcing info out of Sebastian, haha.
22nd December, 2018
The Captain is pretty well respected, mainly due to past actions, stories, etc. He uses the Blackbeard method of captaining: Staying out of sight and letting the fear grow!

Heheheheh, yeah it is the latter thing XD