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17- Anticipating Judgement

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17- Anticipating Judgement

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Author Notes:

1st August, 2019
Really, Nate should know better by now than to expect pirates to care that his dad might have had a shady past.


1st August, 2019
- Is the cook indeed talking about eating rats in panel two!?

- So Nate's father was a Davy Jones? So, Davy Jones in this world is not an individual, but a term for a specific type of people?
1st August, 2019
He's talking about the possibility XD Luckily they've never had to eat rats.

Yeah, it's something I'm trying to hint at, but Davy (or Bonnie) Jones is a name people take in many places for a fresh start, or if they don't have another name to go by. In Sairith and other nearby countries, if a criminal takes the name it's a 'get out of jail free' card of sorts. But if they commit a crime afterwards, the punishment is much greater than it would be for anyone else. This is why Davy Joneses tend not to be that well trusted.
2nd August, 2019
At this rate they might just start eating each other, haha. Before there is any need to move to rats ;)

"They say he killed the king but I have not seen him kill anyone."
And it is not like Nathan would automatically inherit any sort of blame. Hm.
5th August, 2019
XD I think they're good for now!

Yeah I'll admit it's all pretty vague. -w-