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19- Anticipation

6th October, 2016 in Chapter 1: The Daily Grind
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19- Anticipation

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Author Notes:

6th October, 2016
So, this is the quartermaster. Or 'Danny' as he's known, to the like, two people with the authority or permission to call him that. He's probably the most reasonable crew member with any real power, so it's probably a good thing he's usually the one in charge, rather than the captain.


7th October, 2016
Wow, he certainly looks like a grumpy fella!

One that stood out is the first panel perspective, in the other panels he looks quite tall but in that particular panel he looks short, perhaps an underview perspective or making him "longer" helps
7th October, 2016
I see what you mean, thanks! Yeah, I remember having a hard time with heights during these pages, so I'll try and work on that. 0w0
7th October, 2016
Okay, well, since I was a butt and never commented on the last page, allow me to make up for my mistakes by commenting on this one.

Nathaniel Jones, your expressions are GOLD. Seriously, his is my favorite face. It's incredibly expressive and I always enjoy looking at it.

...I realize that could come across as wrong. But it's true!

NEW CHARACTER OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY whoooooaaaa he's taaaaall... Well, with the weird exception of the first panel, but that has already been pointed out so moving on! I do adore his outfit. I'm not even sure why. Probably the handkerchief around his neck. And NICE work on that hair!

He's got a pretty great expression in panel four too, come to think of it...

I just love your expressions, okay? They're great.


I don't know why, but I'm really loving the second to last panel for some reason. Nate's hair in particular. Oh good golly gosh it's gorgeous.
7th October, 2016
Ah, it's okay, you're under no obligation! It's really nice of you to comment.

Hahaha! I'm so glad you like my expressions! It's one thing in particular I've really become pleased with so it makes me really happy. And hair, hahaha I always find hair really fun to draw XD Thanks so much for commenting, and I'll be sure to work on perspective and heights :D
7th October, 2016
That... is already a bad mark during an interview :D
Gotta say you can do it but you do not want just scrubbing the decks or no deal! Or something... No HR back then.
8th October, 2016
Aaaah oh yeah definitely! X3 Still, scrubbing the decks, whilst not the most glamorous job aboard a ship, probably isn't the worst!
10th October, 2016
My thoughts on this comic as a whole.
So far the comic is very interesting. It has already set up a plot and grabbed my attention. There are some anatomy errors and characters often look a bit stiff but the beautiful backgrounds make up for it.
The characters all look unique and different, it's very easy to tell them apart.
Overall I can't wait to see where this goes.
10th October, 2016
Awesome! thank you so much for the feedback! I'm so glad the plot set up and character designs work, and I'm also glad to hear about the anatomy and stiffness, I'll be sure to work on that. Thanks so much!