[Tides of Time]

15- Saltwater

21st May, 2020 in Chapter 10: Red Bonnie
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15- Saltwater

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Author Notes:

21st May, 2020
I have absolutely no idea how Finn managed to impress those women.

The Q+A is still open by the way! Please comment if you have any questions :D


22nd May, 2020
Aaah right. The reason why every good sailor was looking forward to anchor in the next port. And booze. Yes.

Well uh... most pirate stories or stories with pirates I know of are usually along the lines of: "He gave them some coin." <_<
22nd May, 2020
I suppose that's not impossible here, either.
14th July, 2020
Second-to-last Panel: Guy with the raven tresses and the animal skull is my favorite background character.
15th July, 2020

A lot of the background characters have names in my script that are never meant to make it onto the page. This guy is (creatively) named Dogskull.
16th July, 2020

That works for me! And it clears up the mystery of what the skull is.