[Tides of Time]

20- Charity

25th June, 2020 in Chapter 10: Red Bonnie
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20- Charity

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Author Notes:

25th June, 2020
This is quite an 'old' moment for Baines. It was planned for a long time.

While bitter and often unpleasant to be around (along with the whole 'admitted he'd kill people for his own ends' thing,) Baines isn't innately all bad.


25th June, 2020
And the leech fact we have learned today:
There is no boning if you are all bones, without any boner...
25th June, 2020
No magic Undertale wangs for liches!

I have seen... Things I did not want to.
26th June, 2020
Good guy skeleton. I guess after all the centuries he has reasons most worth discussing. Why he did or did not do something.

Also, girl should be careful because is this not kind of bad for business? Just getting stuff? If the other girls see you or the place owner(s) :D
30th June, 2020
Definitely reasons...

Yeah, that's a fair point! Best to keep it hidden. What they don't know won't hurt.