[Tides of Time]

Guest Art by 4LS

1st July, 2021
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Guest Art by 4LS

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Author Notes:

1st July, 2021
Hello all! No page this week, but fear not. Regular updates will resume next week. I've just taken a bit of extra time to make a head start on future pages. We're actually moving into the final part of the comic now, so it seemed about the right time. (I say final, there's like, 150 more pages, haha.)

Anyhoo, this week's update is a piece of guest art kindly made by 4LS, creator of Spare Keys for Strange Doors. Check it out!



2nd July, 2021

I followed her completed comic Kaspall back when it was running! Wonderful* story and wonderful* art!

*There. Corrected the adjective. Man, I must have been tired when I wrote this!
5th July, 2021
What a small world! That's awesome :D