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19- Kitchen Work

18th November, 2021 in Chapter 13: Worse things
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19- Kitchen Work

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Author Notes:

18th November, 2021
Hello again! I figured I'd post another ad for my shop. Long story short, I just quit my job because of an unreasonable schedule. I'm going to be looking for another job, but I've realised that eventually, what I most want to be doing is making a living from my art.

So... I'd like to thank you for reading this and supporting the comic! If you'd like to take a look at my twitter, shop or patreon, the links are below. I'm currently selling commissions, zine copies and bead keyrings with hopes to expand, and my patreon offers original minicomics you can't currently find anywhere else!

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Thanks again!


18th November, 2021
That middle panel: Now I know where Santa hides when it isn't Christmas! ;-D

And that other guy: Did he hurt his eye when scratching his face with his scissor hand!?
18th November, 2021
Hehe :D

Welp if he did, he keeps doing it because I've been drawing him like that since the start!
19th November, 2021
Good for you for quitting!

I hope to join the Great Resignation as soon as possible as well.
27th November, 2021
Thanks! They really do push ya as far as they can to try and see what they can get away with... -_-