[Tides of Time]

1- Far Away

28th December, 2021 in Chapter 14: Solitude
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1- Far Away

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Author Notes:

28th December, 2021
If you've ever seen that one '30 days of characters' thing I did, you may recognise the idea of the living trees. It's a story idea I have that's part of this world, and one day I may explore it.

I hope you all had a good christmas! It's really been nonstop for me, but it was good to see family. It's been so long.


29th December, 2021
Oh cool! Are those ents or any wise grand trees? Not sure if ents must walk.
Sometimes I think plant entities are underrated :D
6th January, 2022
Thanks, these are like a cross between dryads and ents! They start life as trees, become humanoid for a bit, and become a tree again at the end of their lives. Once this happens, they retain their minds, and can still sometimes communicate with humanoids.