[Tides of Time]

10- Contemplation

17th March, 2022 in Chapter 14: Solitude
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10- Contemplation

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Author Notes:

13th March, 2022
There was going to be more dialogue here at first. But I did the thing again where I cut most of it. I don't want it to seem like I'm spelling everything out, even if it does make it a little more difficult to know exactly what the characters are thinking. I suppose it's good to leave some things to the imagination.


18th March, 2022
Good idea!

IMO, a good graphic novel does this, even if it leaves a reader puzzled. It forces the artist to express what's happening visually.

It also forces the reader to pay attention to the present while recalling what has gone on before.
29th March, 2022
Thanks! I've felt for a long time it can be pretty awkward to have too much dialogue in quieter moments.