[Tides of Time]

2- Reasoning

9th November, 2017 in Chapter 4: On Account
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2- Reasoning

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Author Notes:

9th November, 2017
The Quartermaster doesn't really care for the actual goal of 'eternal life.' But he does take his role in the crew pretty seriously.


10th November, 2017
Two possibilities:
He might turn out to be a problem interfering with the plan;
He is going to end up as the only sane part of the crew (disregarding Nate and Sebastian).

I think a quest for immortality is always cursed no matter what so I get him :/
12th November, 2017
Something I look forward to getting into in the far future!

Yeahhh, it's not really a positive thing in stuff at the best of times, but these are not the best people to be searching for that ^_^' not to mention there's a lot more to the whole immortality thing that I haven't gotten into yet ¬w¬
14th November, 2017
This is kind of sweet, these two having a moment of quiet discussion in some corner of the ship.
(Also I'm liking the line widths and inking on this page!)
14th November, 2017
Thanks, I really enjoy writing different characters interacting. It was nice to have some people talking who were old friends.

Thanks so much! I'd been looking forward to the point where I could switch to inking like this.
16th November, 2017
I am really interested in the character of Danny the Quartermaster some reason. It is cool to see him and the doctor together.
16th November, 2017
Thank you :D That's really great to hear ^w^