[Tides of Time]


16th February, 2018
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Author Notes:

1st January, 2018

So here's a silly thing I drew a while back to announce that The first arc of this comic is in print! It can be found here. It contains the whole first arc, and some new pictures -w-

That's not the only thing though. I also wanted to say that for one week only, starting Thursday, a page of Beyond is going to be uploaded every day! It's to celebrate this, and I'm also excited to move forward and just wanted to do it. :D Thank you so much for reading this comic. Means a lot. Happy new year!

Note: Cover of the book does not actually look like this.


5th January, 2018
Nate's wet dream is a pleasure cruise like this. All makes sense now. That is why he wants the crew out >:O
6th January, 2018
bwAHAHA! I think all the killing and piracy stuff has something to do with not wanting to be there too XD
24th November, 2018
This is perfect in every way
25th November, 2018
Thanks XD